by Feddy Pouideh

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Enjoy a funny sneak-peek at life inside the Ivy League from someone who's been there and lived to tell the tale...The Blushing MBA is a humorous and candid chronicle of one woman's two-year adventure in a competitive, top-tiered business school and is an inspirational tribute to anyone who has ever considered (or dared to enter) college, graduate school, or the wild world of business.

Humorous and heartfelt, The Blushing MBA openly embraces the universal rollercoaster odyssey of challenging times and magnificent triumphs in graduate school while the story's heroine pursues truly meaningful education in her quest for a balanced life. The importance of business education for women in today's society is prominently featured in The Blushing MBA, providing an entertaining format for a strong case to increase diversity in our business schools.

From sweating through admissions to squirming through job interviews; from the classroom to graduation; from slick cold-calls to frenzied study groups to lovable best friends; and with section titles like, "I'm Not Macho!" "Big Girls Do Cry," "What's Love Got to Do With It?" "It's Never Too Soon to Panic," "A Professional Identity Crisis?" and "I'd Rather be at Riker's!", The Blushing MBA is witty and entertaining enough to make you laugh, cry, and even blush.

It answers all those questions you wanted to ask, but thought you were afraid to...

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