Dear Friends,

First and foremost, I am grateful for the tremendous support from readers, business organizations, students, alumnae, and businesswomen who have wholeheartedly embraced The Blushing MBA! Your energy is contagious and inspiring...you are the sustenance behind The Blushing MBA!...and I thank you.

Second of all, I want shout from my rooftop:  We need more women in business school!  That's one of the reasons that I wrote The Blushing MBA and ultimately made it a story of triumph.
1.) I'd like to encourage more women (and diversity) to go to school.
2.) It's my mission to eliminate current business "stereotypes."
3.) It's important to help young women see how business contributes to the well-being of the world.
4.) And my voice, I hope, can make the graduate school journey a little easier for current female students.

Having more women in business school will not only change the academic dynamic in business school, but it will also change the face of business as we know it.

I really feel that business knowledge equals freedom for many people - freedom to work anywhere around the globe, to do anything you want - fix the world, help your community, start a business, manage a household, support yourself and your family...the freedom to make your own personal and economic decisions while creating a better place for your family.

Here are a few interesting website statistics that often light my fire:
* WOMEN didn't "earn" the right to have a credit card or open a bank account without a male co-signer until 1975! (www.babwnews.com, excerpt from the "Declaration of Sentiments.")
* ONE in 7 employees in the U.S. works in a woman-owned business (Center for Women's Business Research, Top Facts, www.nfwbo.org)
* WOMEN comprise half of the nation's labor force...make 50% of all auto purchases...make up 50% of the travel market...and are more than 50% of our web users (University of MI, Women in Business Initiative, www.womeninbusiness.bus.umich.edu)
* WOMEN hold only 7.9% of the highest jobs titles, make up only 5.2% of the top earners in corporations, and hold only 15.7% of corporate officer positions (U of MI website, excerpt from Catalyst 2002 census of corporate officers and top earners, www.catalyst.org)

Understanding basic marketing concepts, finances, project management, public speaking, the media, banking, strategy, the economy, human resources, communication, and anything else that comes from business school, will help you in every aspect of your life from buying a house, to planning your family's education, to investing in your retirement, to opening that store you've always dreamed of, to developing fundraisers for heart disease research, to managing a school, to opening an art gallery, to publishing a book...

Business knowledge is a treasure of opportunity just waiting for you! It's a gift of independence and security that I don't want to keep a secret any longer. I want to share it with you - and I hope that you'll share it with others.

Much success to you,
~Fedra Pouideh